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In A White Limbo


NOUN Word forms: plural ˈlimbos

1. [usually L-] In some Christian theologies, the eternal abode or state, neither heaven nor hell, of the souls of infants or others dying in original sin but free of grievous personal sin, or, before the coming of Christ, the temporary abode or state of all holy souls after death

2. any intermediate, indeterminate state

3. a place or condition of confinement, neglect, or oblivion

The white colour, just like the black, is an achromatic colour. Colourless colour that imprisons inside the whole spectrum. The reference to the white colour here is as a symbol, not only as a visual colour.

The series deals with the things that were written and erased; the things that are waiting to be written; the things that were covered and hidden; the things that are already not here but still not there; things that are not alive but still don’t exist in the eternity of death; things that have no name; things that have just appear and soon to disappear; things that have no certainty. There’s a past, and there might be a future, but the present is on standby.

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